New beginnings….

are what follows the closing of a chapter….  It is the next step of whatever is happening in your life.  “Exit strategy” has become a commonplace moniker for what happens when you want to leave something to be able to move to the next.  For some reason we have become focused on the “exiting” and not the entering.   Maybe the exit feels as though it has to come first?  Did Dad always say: “You have to finish one thing before beginning the next.”?  I dunno.  My Dad never said that. 


About michellenihei

Bachelor of Science, University of Saskatchewan Diplomate in Veterinary Science, University of Saskatchewan Master of Science, University of Saskatchewan Doctor of Philosophy, University of Kentucky Post-Doctoral and Jr. Faculty, Johns Hopkins University, MD Assistant trainer to Christopher Speckert, Rebecca Maker, Todd Pletcher Independent business owner and racehorse trainer; StabelLab Evangelist
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1 Response to New beginnings….

  1. Kris Kruid says:

    Sometimes it is good to set down the familiar tools in the toolbox and reach for new ones. Which comes first? For me, it was realizing you cannot continue to try to use a screwdriver when a hammer is necessary.

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