“…to give happiness is a far nobler goal that to attain it….” L. Carroll

“When a door closes, a window opens”…. “God never closes a door without opening another”….”Everything happens for a reason”….”Life is what happens to you when you get up every day”.   I think the last one is my personal favorite.

Surely we have all heard those seemingly pandering quotes at moments when things seem toughest.  Like when we (at least, those of us that have …) get fired.  Some circumstances are better than others; sometimes you actually see the light at the end of the tunnel,… but mostly it feels a little like falling into a mud puddle.  At first you feel embarrassed, then quickly assessing what real-life damage there may be, you remove yourself as quickly and (hopefully) painlessly as possible; and move on to feeling sorry for yourself.  While necessary, this phase is also potentially injurious.  Too little (also known as denial) and it becomes a haunting presence that interferes with the practicality of future paths.  Too much (also known as the quintessential pity party) has a vaporizing effect on friends, family and other support systems… along with deterioration of health, happiness & good hormones (insert icon: “Oh No!!”).

So… advice on how to pull yourself out of the puddle, brush yourself off and find the open door (sadly there is really no way around the embarrassment-part) :

  1. Great sex (always helps….everything;  barring that, a good cry and warm shower)
  2. Put on something really comfy, surround yourself with exceptional food
  3. Pick up your phone or your i-pad or your laptop and start looking through your contacts (this is also known as “networking”)
  4. Send some emails, make some calls, set up a few appointments
  5. Start writing….about love; what you love; who you love; where you love to be; why you love who you are and who you want to be… get focused

The reason this works is because we are the very best at the things we love to do, the places we love to live, and being around the people with whom we love to spend time.  It isn’t trivial, it’s critical.  It’s all about love.Image


About michellenihei

Bachelor of Science, University of Saskatchewan Diplomate in Veterinary Science, University of Saskatchewan Master of Science, University of Saskatchewan Doctor of Philosophy, University of Kentucky Post-Doctoral and Jr. Faculty, Johns Hopkins University, MD Assistant trainer to Christopher Speckert, Rebecca Maker, Todd Pletcher Independent business owner and racehorse trainer; StabelLab Evangelist
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