Baby, it’s cold outside!

It’s not so much how cold you are, but how long you are cold for….

There is that necessary travel, (house -to-car-to-next building) which can be so formidable that the warmth of a bed is not just sanctuary, it’s self-preservation.  In fact, traipsing across the cold bathroom tile might be the most painful point of the day.

Not to make light of that point of view, but there really are more challenging experiences.


Facing cold days are like thinking about changing careers.  It’s absolutely NOT comfortable.  In fact, it feels a little like choosing to work in an office (or let’s say….. hospital?)  job to galloping horses.   The view of the Universe is a very different experience when what faces you upon rolling out of bed is a DAY of frigid temperatures, nose running, ears aching, fingers curled into something that no longer resembles hands with opposable thumbs.   Funny how thumbs change everything…and it’s not just about superheros, but they helped make it popular.


After all, Batman was Bruce before he was Batman,… Superman was Clark.  Heck, Ironman was Tony.   Fortunately we don’t all have to change our names or costumes when we re-invent ourselves.  Having said that, it would have been a bit of a problem if I had shown up to gallop horses in my labcoat.  But I digress…..each of us are really transforming every day into a Superperson, leading lives of constant challenge from the underworld, multiple badguys to overwhelm daily, and are slaves to our i-phone (or Droid depending on your political affliction).   The hero that grows inside of us is first born of what we love and how we choose to pursue what drives that passion.  Sometimes that hero is hidden because we imagine rejection, failure, insult, scorn, but not because we don’t want to wear the suit.  But then you ask yourself,… “is this where I want to be – forever?  Does this make getting up in bad weather better than staying in bed? Does my Superhero suit still fit?”

Cold weather sucks, suits sometimes suck.  We have all been uncomfortable now and again.  It’s unavoidable.  It’s just a matter of how long we are willing to be annoyed.


About michellenihei

Bachelor of Science, University of Saskatchewan Diplomate in Veterinary Science, University of Saskatchewan Master of Science, University of Saskatchewan Doctor of Philosophy, University of Kentucky Post-Doctoral and Jr. Faculty, Johns Hopkins University, MD Assistant trainer to Christopher Speckert, Rebecca Maker, Todd Pletcher Independent business owner and racehorse trainer; StabelLab Evangelist
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5 Responses to Baby, it’s cold outside!

  1. kris says:

    ….or, you could curl up to enjoy the beauty of the day outside or don the right apparel and celebrate all of the glory of the cold climate. This from a woman who skates back and forth across the 45th parallel. What color is your cape??

  2. Rick says:

    I’m pretty sure you’d be wearing a cape in either (or any) path of adventure you chose to follow. When the time comes, you’ll know which fork to take. BTW, Superman was always Superman (or Kal-El), Clark Kent was the mask he wore to hide that fact from the world.

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