How, then, does one re-invent themselves?

I am a firm believer in the invention of our “self” as the most important endeavor we can ever embark upon.  The first pass, however, does not determine the outcome or even the number of remaining inventions.  Success in one domain does not automatically apply to other areas and can involve hard work, failure, even a few broken bones both figurative and literal.  Interestingly, more and more people describe and act on a desire for re-creation of “self”, despite the deep dark recesses of unknown challenges; despite not knowing if it is practicable.

“Try not.       Do or do not.       There is no try.”      Yoda  (Star Wars)

 The key to success is not simply effort, or resilience or focus.  It is nested in the incubator of the hunger to learn, to experience life, to grow beyond the confines of what is assured.

guarantee equals jail

Life is short, as is often pointed out…

Einstein once apologized for still being around.  He assured the interviewer that there was indeed a remedy for his persistent existence.  Be mortality inevitable, as it were, the question becomes more persistent:  ” If not now, when?  If not this, then what?”


The biggest challenge in achieving great success is in the ability to master something completely new.  That said, if we are to fulfill our greatest potential we have to start thinking differently.  We are not chained to our current capabilities.  When we realize we can change, improve, evolve our abilities we bring our game, our self, our life to new levels.  I am deeply grateful for all of my mentors, academic and otherwise and am extremely privileged to have been allowed to pursue the education that I possess.  I will always revere that dignity and in the same breath, will not permit that achievement to hold me hostage.  I made a decision to become something vastly different.  Hospitals changed to Horses;  Research was exchanged for Racetracks.  Falling down (and off) was imminent, at least sporadically.


Failure is an inevitable outcome during the process of learning.  Failure can be viewed as defeat, in which case it will consistently be a reason to stop trying.  To quit.  

“The moment we believe that success is determined by ingrained ability we will be brittle in the face of adversity.”    Josh Waitzkin

Or, failure can be viewed as part of growth. Setbacks are merely springboards from which we learn to improve.


I kinda like that guy, Mr. Jordan……


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Bachelor of Science, University of Saskatchewan Diplomate in Veterinary Science, University of Saskatchewan Master of Science, University of Saskatchewan Doctor of Philosophy, University of Kentucky Post-Doctoral and Jr. Faculty, Johns Hopkins University, MD Assistant trainer to Christopher Speckert, Rebecca Maker, Todd Pletcher Independent business owner and racehorse trainer; StabelLab Evangelist
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