About me

Michelle K. Nihei is a unique creation cryogenically preserved in the inverse kiln of Western Canada, traversing the continent and one border with academic aspirations (B.Sc. Dipl. Sc., M.S., Ph.D.), returning to central Kentucky after a tour-of-duty at Johns Hopkins University to become a riding assistant to Todd Pletcher, pre-eminent racehorse trainer of current times.  She now stubbornly pursues success in the fickle, rollercoaster world of racing on her own as a Grade I winning trainer with a small stable and big ideas.  Interestingly, she has not quite managed to leave behind her interests in neuroscience, cutting edge research in fitness and nutrition, and contemporary views of holistic medicine.

She would be deeply appreciative of comments and likes to the blog.

Email her at michelle.nihei@gmail.com


3 Responses to About me

  1. Jarrod Goldberg says:

    Michelle, I just read and posted your interview to LinkedIn from Out of the Gate. I enjoyed that as well as the story they did on you in The Blood Horse. I am a Huge racing fan and used to be a backyard breeder and owner that is trying to eventually get back in the game. I look forward to reading your blog. Best wishes for continued success for your racing stable. I hope you may come to Texas sometime and race at SHRP near where I live. I believe you are one of the most fascinating people I have ever read about! Have a great week
    Best Regards,
    Jarrod Goldberg
    Houston Texas

  2. Allan says:

    Michelle- Keep being Stubborn. The brain stuff coupled with the physical aspect is a good path.
    Be well,


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